Lichtbahnen (Zeit und Blende)
Photo studio background paper, motor, microcontroller, software
Heights variable, width 300 cm

The work Lichtbahnen (Zeit und Blende) : Paths of Light (Time and Aperture) deals with the principle of photography and the materialization of the process of taking a picture. In photography, exposure value denotes a calculated combination of time (camera shutter speed) and relative aperture. The white background paper represents time and the black, aperture. The micro controller, attached to two motors, makes a random selection from a set of computerized figures of time and aperture, which translates into the movement of the papers. The movements and intervals of the two papers refer to a combination of time and aperture as an exposure value.

Sunah Choi, A Circle within Six Circles, Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender, Berlin, 2009
Based in Berlin, KW - Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2011

Installation view, Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender, 2009